Hey, I’m totally bored so let me just tell you something.
Well I’m watching the Today Show! I’m sure you have it. Mine is channel ten. Well the reason I’m practicing blog as a teen is not because I wanna be a blogger! Not at all… It’s because I wanna get all in fashion. I want to be a fashion designer😄. As you guys should know that I’m blogging each day this whole week! Yay I get to talk to you all. So I have nothing else to talk about. Well I might have to blog again if my cuz come. She really wants to talk… Or I might start a new blog . Well that’s all I have to say. Other than that… Please follow me. Also join this site

It’s a site where you post pics of things(clothing: shoes,dresses,pants,shirt,skirts,etc.) then look at other people to. Some celebs are up there! Also you can only heart… No mean things . Plus you can comment too. You can go online(might not be able to post pics online.). Or download the app on iPod,iPad,iPhone,etc. on the App Store. Please follow BlairFowler and ElleFowler. I know they have a lot of followers but they are really cool and nice! Also follow me Kikifab11 please.It’s Kikifab11

stay beautiful and glamorous

Plus that pic of that girl I posted is NOT ME IT’S A OMG GIRL MISS BABYDOLL!!!!!!!!


20130611-075115.jpg Not me


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