What I want to accomplish!! And more

This is what I want to accomplish:

• Be a model
• have a famous blog(this one)
• be Elle and Blair’s friend
• work with Kimora Lee Simmons
• be a style correspondent for Seventeen Magazine
• be a expert stylist on JustFab
• be a fashion blogger on YouTube
• have a cell phone case line
• have a fashion line(called Miss Kiss also one of my blogs!! check it out on Sorry Again)
• have a reality tv show on Style!
• a model

Well that is it for that! I believe if you write it down and take one at a time and work hard… it’ll come true! Now this is what I’ve been thinking about since write now. What If Elle and Blair Fowler had their own show! Do cool I wish that did! Well that’s all I had to say except this… Sophia Grace and Rosie rock. Guess what they should have their own show too. That is it. Also if you wanna talk personally go to Contact Kiki on my website which you on right now… Der the der! Bye kisses see you later hopefully tomorrow.



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